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Nagina´s Barney homepage!

Hi everybody, I would like you to meet Nagina, she´s from Malaysia, and she´s a very good friend of mine!

Would you like to see her photo???? Ok let's see...

See? This is Nagina.

Now, just tell me, which song would you like to sing?

Me and my teddy

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

Twinkle, twinkle little star

My theme song (Yankee.mid)

Friends are special, just like you!

The Barney bag!

Ok, very good!, you sure are a very good singer!
Well, let´s see what else can we find to have fun....
Oh, great!, do you want to take a look at my pictures????

  • Barney1
  • Barney2
  • Barney3
    Do you know what was the most important thing we did today?
    We played together and love each other, and that's so important, because I love you!

    Well, I think it´s time for me to go.... but before I do...
    I would like to sing a very special song with all my friends.
    Click here for a surprise!

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    Well, see you soon! I hope you had a good time with me at my page!

    Me and Barney!!

    Note from the creator of the site:

    Well, I´m from Malaysia, and my little one just loves Barney..., I don´t care what other people think, if you have a good Barney picture or song e-mail it to me and I´ll put it on her page.
    Now please, before going away...

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